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Keystone Vizsla Club News

Look here often for the latest happenings with KVC and its members!

Most Recent:

  • Agility A-Match - Friday, Jan. 19, 2018:  The club had a well-attended A-Match at the Bella Vista Dog Training facitlity near Lewisberry, PA. Over 90 entries at various levels for Jumpers with Weaves (JWW) and Standard! All size dogs were there, including three Vizslas!

    This match was necessary step for approval by AKC to hold Agiity Trials. We will announce those dates in the very near future!

    Thanks to Marla Hansen for pushing this effort, and to Erica Nicholson and Tom Little for coming to the match. Erica's daughter ran their 11-y.o. male in both events. Here are some pics from which you can see it's an action-packed, fast sport! (click on the photo to enlarge)

    Heather at the ready line
    Heather and Breeze at the ready line.
    Heather on the course
    Heather guides her dog through a series of jumps.
    Breeze on the Table
    The dog must remain on the table for 5 seconds - difficult!
    Heather last jump
    Breeze clears his last hurdle!
    Marla and Nepal
    Marla with Nepal on the ready mark.
    Walk thru
    After the course is set up, the handlers have the opportunity to do a "walk through" before the dogs begin running. This allows them to visualize the line that they want to keep their dogs on to negotiate the obstacles. This was for "Standard" and at tne Master and Excellent levels - more advanced than the Open and Novice levels. 

  • Fall Hunt Tests - Sat & Sun, Nov. 11 & 12.  [click here for photos!] What a good Hunt Test we had in spite of the cold weather. Wonderful turnout and quite a few successful legs run by some of our members and other pointing breeds, as well.

    Kudo's to Earl Stoddard and Mike Tanner for making this thing run, along with Diane Shearer who helped line up judges and ran the kitchen. New members, Vanessa and Seth Burney helped in the club house on Saturday. (they also got two Q's toward a JH on their V, Winston!) Doug Wolfgang and Tom Little helped with various errands, as well as Barb McLaughlin and Sue Thomas for help in the kitchen.

    We appreciate the Judges who helped us out: Debbie Field, Jean M. Persia, VMD, Lisa Price, Ed Shupp, Will Kitts, Patricia Ortelli and Mary A. Breininger. And thanks to Todd Swanger, along with Mike Tanner for gunning on the Senior and Master braces.

    Pictures from Sunday can be seen on a Hunt Test photo page. (see link, above) We don't have pictures of everyone, sorry, but if you'd like to send any that you would like to be included, e-mail them to tom@keystonevizslaclub.org  Sincerest thanks to everyone who participated and congratulations to the new title holders!

  • KVC of PA's Supported Entry at Bloomsburg- Saturday, Nov. 4, 2017. Thanks to Judge Ann Savory Bolus for hosting a lovely group of Vizslas in her ring, we had a very nice event in conjunction with the Back Mountain KC. Best of Breed was awarded to GCh DERBY'S PINK TIE AFFAIR AT GROUSE POINT, JH owned by Corinne Miklos & Robin Bernstein. The rest of the results will be posted

    Here are some views from ring-side. (click on the thumbnail to expand, use your browser's "back" button to return.)

    Breed Ring 1
    Partial View of the Breed Ring,
    Judge Savory gets her first look.
    Breed Ring 2
    The rest of the Breed Ring...
    nice bunch of Vizslas!
    Winners Bitch
    Winners Bitch Class just
    entered the ring.
    Lacey Tongue Out
    Lacey is looking forward to that
    Derby Down and Back
    Corinne brings her dog back to
    the judge. He will be the BOB!
    Penny stacking
    Penny has her girl set up
    for the judge's final look.


  • Fun Day! Sunday, June 4, 2017 - Hosted by members Rob & Deb Schaeffer at their home near Elizabethtown, PA. - The weather was perfect and our fun day was attended by nearly 40 people and 30 dogs, including three new member families! It was a great opportunity to meet folks with no pressure of competition. Just relax and enjoy the company and the dogs.

    The dogs, on the otherhand, were able to scent birds in the field, try some agility moves, and swim in the pond. A rousing game of "musical chairs" was pretty silly, but a good exercise for some basic obedience.

    Sincere thanks to our hosts, and to Earl, Marla, Tom, and Keith for keeping things rolling. And if you missed this, then you missed some excellent food at lunch. Thanks to all who brought dishes to share -- another great spread!

    Earl with a quail
    Earl finds an interested pupil! 
    Dog on Point
    Yep.. found me a bird! 
    Pup on tailgate
    Look here, Dad! I found 'em! 
    Break time
    Taking a break in the shade. 
    Musical Chairs
    Musical "chairs" with hoola-hoops. 
    Musical Chairs Winner
    Music stopped- find a hoop! 
    Dogs at pond
    Playing in the water is a hit!
    Pond Dogs 2
    Hard to retrieve with the defense in play! 
    Seltzer Pup in Bird Field
    Think this pup knows there are birds out there? You bet! 

  • Supported Entry at Newcastle's Memorial Cluster - May 27, 2017 -  Several members made the trek out to Newcastle for the Supported Entry to help remember our friend, Judge Jim Martin. It was a good entry and thanks to Diane Shearer and Corinne Miklos for making this event happen for our club.

    Ever since she won at the KVC Specialty in March, Sue Thomas' little girl, BISS GCh Solaris Early Morning Rain has not stopped rolling! She took Best of Breed here, too! Another member, Fred Goldsmith, saw his boy, Fawa Windrunner Interstate Enigma enjoy the Reserve Winners Dog designation.

    Again, congrats to all the winners and thanks to all the entrants for a successful supported entry.

  • Supported Entry at Bucks Co. KC, Irwinna, PA - May 6, 2017.  Our supported entry on a very wet and windy May afternoon had 30 Entries and an interesting time under native Hungarian judge Mrs. Marianne Gyarfas. Among the winners were KVC member Carol Rappaport's Starcastle's Silent Hunter- Winners Dog and Best of Winners; while Best of Breed went to GCh Rheingold Siegfried Parsifal Pip from the Veteran Dog Class, Stanley Miller & Stephen Shlyen & Paul & Debra Evalds, owners.

    Congratulations to all who had success and thanks to all the entrants for supporting this show.

  • Spring Field Events - The Spring Field Trial held at the end of March into April at Harrisville, PA. It was a four-day whirlwind with 113 entries! Mother nature was not kind on Friday, but overall it was a success! - thanks to the efforts of Laurie Fairchild and Mark Calder. The weekend Amateur Gun Dog Trophy saw the awarding of the first-ever awarding of the Maddy Memorial Amateur Gun Dog trophy in memory of Laurie's recently departed GCH and Master Hunter Vizsla bitch.

    KVC's Spring Hunt Test followed two weeks later with two days of tests at the York Pointer Setter Club. Earl Stoddard took this on and with the help of Mike Tanner organized and ran a very successful event. Extra shoutout to Sue Ruppert, Kevin Kibe, Doug & Patti Wolfgang, Tara Ross, and Ed Shupp for making this thing go. Also, the judges, the gunners, and the birds!

  • 2017 KVC Specialty - March 18, 2017 at the York Fairgrounds with the Delaware County KC show. The annual specialty drew 60 entries - really great! - was a great success. The raffle table made the club some nice profit and the hospitality table seemed well received!
    Rainy wins Specialty

    Best of Breed in Specialty Show was captured by
    BISS GCh Solaris Early Morning Rain owned by long-time KVC members Sue Thomas & Jennifer Buttermore & John Buttermore & Beth Kirven. Congratulatons to all that had success in the show and thank you to all participants. A full listing of results is below.

    The Club's gratitude goes out to Judge Virginia Lyne for evaluating a large, beautiful group of Vizlsas. Also we appreciate Cindy Stahle for a great job judging Sweepstakes. And of course the Delaware County Kennel Club for their assistance in this event.

    2017Spc_Breed Ring Everyone
    At one point, the judge had all dogs and bitches in the breed ring!
    Awards Table 1
    The awards table for the Specialty
    Awards Table 2
    The awards table
    2017 Spec Veteran Sweeps
    Three lovely veteren bitches in Sweepstakes.
    2017 Spec Raffle Hospitality Table
    Raffle and Hospitality table was cheerfully supervised by Rob & Deb Schaeffer and Earl Stoddard
    2017 Spec Judge ponders choices
    Judge Lyne ponders her choices as she prepares to make her cuts.
    2017 Special Breed Ring Bitches
    Breed Ring with just Bitches.
    2017 Spec Judge reviews final cut
    The Judge making her final decision.
    2017 Spec Final Cut
    ... and her selections will stand!

    Here are the results:

        Heather & Erica Nicholson & Lesley Little, owners *
    Best of Opposite Puppy in Sweeps - SINCERUS FINNEGAN
        Doug & Diane Nelson, owners
    Best Veteran in Sweeps - CH SASSAFRAS EARN’N HIS KEEP
        Monica & Jim Dowling, owners
    Best of Opposite Veteran in Sweeps - GCH OPUS ONE N TITAN’S DEED I DO, JH
        Ida Kavafian & Steven Tenenbom & Peggy Schmidt, owners


    Best of Breed
        Susan Thomas & Jennifer Buttermore & John Buttermore & Beth Kirven, Owners*
        Kathy Mattucci & Susan Eastman, owners*
    Best of Winners/WD - RHAPSODY WRITER’S BLOCK
        Mikki & Mike Schmitz & Michelle Porfido, owners
        Dennis K. Witzke, owner
        Dennis K. Witzke, owner
        Edwin & Lourdes Naval, owners
        Michelle S. Porfido & Carol Phelps, owners
        Ida Kavafian & Steven Tenenbom & Peggy Schmidt, owners
        Denise & Rick Kalfayan & Katie Kalfayan & Deborah Stern, owners
        Barb Silver Holt, owner
        Rachel Romano Kelly & Ania Kelly & Dot Romano & and Barbara Hannum, owner

            * indicates KVC members

  • Fall Hunt Test  - Sat & Sun, November 26 & 27, 2016.  Keystone's first Hunt Test turned out really great! The weather cooperated and we had a great turnout. Thanks to Laurie Fairchild, Diane Shearer, Mike Tanner, and Earl Stoddard for really making this thing click! Several members had qualifying legs on their dogs. Here are some pictures of the event.

    On Deck, almost
    Mira says "Hi!" to Sunnie as
    Ed and Owen Shupp head out.
    Sue Kevin Barlo
    Barlo earned a qualifying leg for
    Kevin Kibe, with Sue Rupert.
    Hunt Test Kitchen Crew

    Marla and Barb check on the
    hot food between braces.
    Marla and Bella
    Marla and Bella are proud of
    their qualifying score!
    Hunt Test group
    Socializing on the line, waiting
    for the next brace to go.
    Susan and Paisley
    Susan Thompson and Paisley
    after a very good run on Sat.
    Hunt Test Leg Over
    Barlo leads Kevin back down
    the lane after a successful run.
    Barb and Rosie
    Barbara McLaughlin and Rosie
    bagged a leg toward a JH on Sat.
    Hanging by the Clubhouse
    Folks hanging around outside
    the clubhouse. Wx was great!
    Andrea with Sunnie
    Andrea St.John and Sunnie
    pose after a successful leg.
    Sue's Sunnie with Ed Shupp
    Ed Shupp took Sue Thomas'
    Sunnie out and got straight 10s!
    Laurie with Hailey afte 3rd Leg
    Laurie beams at Hailey after
    earning the 3rd Leg on the
    Senior Hunter level on Sat.

  • KVC of PA's first Field Trial -  is in the books! Held Nov. 12-13, 2016, at York Pointer Setter Club, Wellsville, PA, the trial was well attended and seemed to draw many compliments from the participants. Congratulations to Laurie Fairchild and her crew for casting a positive view on Keystone Vizsla Club by the field trial bunch.  Uber thanks, too, to the judges and all the helpers.

    Field Trial Banner
    KVC Claims the YPS for the weekend
    Brace Breakaway
    Early Sunday Morning Breakaway
    Between Braces
    Between Braces.. hanging out!
    Mike Tanner
    KVC member Mike Tanner with Thor, a German Wirehaired Pointer - Hunting Dog Stake Winner.
    Hunting Dog Stake Winners
    Winners of the Hunting Dog Stake, held just for us!
    Marla Hansen
    Member Marla Hansen and Bella had a good run
    - placed 2nd in the
    Huntingdog Stake!
    Brace is Done
    Headin' back up the trail to the clubhouse after a brace.
    Laura & Sunnie
    Laura Bauman with Sue Thomas' "Sunnie" and her first FT placement!
    Fred and Annie
    Rex and Annie on a callback retrieve, part of a FT Stake
    Tara and Topaz
    KVC member James Ross with Topaz after a good run in the Hunting Dog Stake- Placed 3rd!
    Laurie and Hailey
    Laurie Fairchild is proud of Hailey who is a new Amateur Field Champion- the club's first field champion.
    Tara Ross and Topaz
    Tara poses with Topaz.. next time it will be with a ribbon!

  • Keystone Vizsla Club Supported Entry at the Back Mountain KC Show -   KVC’s Supported Entry at Bloomsburg on Saturday, Nov. 5, 2016, was a big hit. There was a nice entry of lots of wonderful V’s!  Here are some results:

    Best of Breed – GCH DERBY’S PINK TIE AFFAIR AT GROUSE POINT, JH; Corinne Miklos, owner.*
    Best of Opposite – GCHB CAMEO’S SECRET AGENT ‘M’, JH;  Stephanie Sherwood, owner.*
    Best of Winners/
        Winners Dog -  - CAPTIVATIN’S HEIR TO THE THRONE, JH; Melissa & Jason Green, owners.*
    Winners Bitch – STARFIRE’S EVERY STEP YOU TAKE, JH; Ester Pilkington, owner.
    GCH Select Dog – GCHG SOLARIS SMOKIN’ HOT HABENERA; David Martin, owner.
    GCH Select Bitch – CH STARFIRE’S MORE THAN A FEELING; Penny Carson, owner.*
    Reserve Winners Dog – DEEP END’S JACKS R WILD, JH CGC; Linda Maus, owner.
    Reserve Winners Bitch – WATA BAILEY BOO, CGC; Marie Warniaha, owner
            Congratulations to all!            * indicates KVC of PA members!

  •  Trophy Fund- 2017! The club needs your help with supporting the trophy fund for our upcoming year, including the 2017 Specialty Show in March at York.

    The sponsorship form [click here] has the classes listed and how to submit your donation.

    The opportunity to make a dedication or memorial that will appear in the Premium and Catalog for this show has passed. But, a general donation to the trophy fund anytime is also very important, and there will still be the supported entries coming up later in 2017.

  • September 2016 Newsletter has been circulated. [click here] to see the newsletter.

  • 2016 Fun Day! The club's latest Fun Day was a great success in spite of the dismal weather. Nearly 25 dogs, with thirty folks, came out and had a great time finding birds, splashing in the pond and working the agility course. There was also a small practice session for conformation and a session on Canine Good Citizen training.
    Huge thankyou's go to Rob and Deb Schaeffer for all the work they did in hosting this event. Earl Stoddard and Mike Tanner had birds in the field all morning and were very gracious in giving hands-on help to all that sought it. Marla Hansen worked all day long giving agility help and leading the CGC session.
    And.. Thanks to all who brought the delicious food! The club provided burgers and hot dogs, but the baked beans, mac&cheese, fruit salad, peel and eat shrimp!, and fantastic deserts really topped off the day!

    Earl Stoddard Bird Instructor
    Earl Stoddard helps Steve's
    dog stay steady. 
    Rory does the hurdle
    Rory takes a hurdle "no problem" 
    Pond Group 2
    The pond is always popular. 
    Amy Kobal
    Amy Kobal steadies her dog. 
    Ryan and Allison on Hurdles
    Ryan and Allison set up for the hurdles. 
    Marla helps on the Tunnel
    Marla helps Nick and Kat with their
    dog in the tunnel. 

  • New Members at Fun Day! - We got to meet recently joined/rejoined members at Fun Day. It was so great to have you guys come out and play. Alice and Randy Harper; Nick Seitzinger & Kat Kissinger; Ryan Kelly & Allison Barker; and Michelle McGuinness.. we hope we didn't miss anyone.  The membership chair reports now 50 memberships, 23 being family members, so approx. 70+ members!

  • 2016 Specialty Show - Saturday, March 19, 2016, York Fairgrounds, PA. What a wonderful specialty show this year. The members who pitched in to help saw a large, happy crowd and the show itself boasted a large entry of 59 Vizslas - making up 5-pt. Majors for both dogs and bitches!

    Thanks to sweepstakes judge Christine Walker and regular classes judge Anne Katona for a terrific, thoughtfully-judged show. Congratulations to Michelle Profido for the BISS win. KVC member Melissa Green had a very nice day with Best in Sweeps and Winners Dog with her handsome young man, Meyer, owned by Madeline Meharg. Congratulations to all the entries: Results listing dogs and owners are listed here:

    Best in Sweeps - Captivatin's Just One of the Boys, Madeline Maharg
    Best of Opposite in Sweeps - Souzir's Mischief Maker, Michael Souders & Andy Zirpoli & Isobel Zirpoli-Souders
    Best in Veteran Sweeps - Ch. Starfire's More Than A Feeling, Penny Carson
    Best of Opposite in Veteran Sweeps - Ch. Starfire's Road Runner, Sue A. Rupert

    Regular Classes:
    Best in Specialty Show - GCh.Szizlin Rhapsody Never Say Never, JH, CA, Michelle S. Porfido & Lena Kourtei & Carol Phelps
    Best of Opposite Sex - GCh La Tierra's Rory O'Rourke, Philip & Anne Townsend & Crandon & Laraine Clark
    Winners Dog and Best of Winners - Captivatin's Just One of the Boys, Madeline Maharg
    Select Dog - Ch. Sassafras Checkered Flag Intimidator, JH, Susan L. DellaPenta & John Kochensparger
    Select Bitch - GCh Captivatin's I'm the One, JH, Melissa & Jason Green
    Award of Merit Dog - GCh Double Gun's A Royal Flush, JH, Susan Thomas &Jennifer & John Buttermore
    Award of Merit Bitch - Ch. Starfire's More Than A Feeling, Penny Carson
    Winners Bitch - Billie Bean of Lea Brittania, Carey Benadon & Britt Jung
    Reserve Winners Dog - Sassafras Icing On The Cake, JH, Melina, Richard & Emma Black.
    Reserve Winners Bitch- Jneks NYC Fashionista, Anne Maegli & Kathy Engelsman

    Specialty Sweepstakes Veterans
    Veteran Sweeps
    Open Bitch
    Open Bitch class receives
    instruction from Judge Katona
    Bred By
    Bred-By-Exhibitor class
    Glass Awards
    Hand-painted Glass Awards
    Food and Raffle
    The Hospitality Table with
    Raffle table in the background
    Luggage Tags
    Class winners each received
    a hand-painted luggage tag.
    Steph and Steward
    Stephanie picks up her
    Raffle Table
    A view of some of the loot
    on the raffle table.
    Melissa Green
    Meyer gets his cookie jar in

  • 2015 Supported Entry - Saturday, October 31, 2015, Bloomsburg, PA.  A very nice supported entry was held in conjunction with the Back Mountain KC show. Judge Douglas R. Holloway, Jr. thoughtfully presided over Ring 8 for a memorable event. Congratulations to those who had success at this show. Here are the results:

    Best of Breed and Best of Winners; Winners Dog -
                             CAPTIVATIN'S HEIR TO THE THRONE,  Melissa & Jason Green
    Best of Opposite Sex - GCH. BRIAR N SUZU HEY YOU! GET OFF OF MY CLOUD, Susan Nakamura
    GCh Select Dog - GCH. BERKCOR'S WRECKING CREW, Susan & Berkeley Thompson
    GCh Select Bitch - GCH. CAMEO'S SECRET AGENT 'M',JH, Stephanie Sherwood
    Reserve Winners Dog - SASSAFRAS CHECKERED FLAG INTIMIDATOR,JH, Susan L. DellaPenta
    Reserve Winners Bitch - VENARI'S SPARKLING ROSE, Earl Stoddard

    12-18 Bitch Class
    Action in the Ring! 12-18 Bitches
    Open Bitch Stack
    Winners Bitch Class sets up...
    Open Bitch Win
    ..and we have a winner!
    Penny full stride Open Bitch
    Long-time Mbr Penny Carson shows a nice gait with Lucy.
    BOB Special Dogs
    Best of Breed ring - Special Boys showing their stuff!
    BOB Special Bitches
    Best of Breed ring - now the Special Girls set-up.
    BOB Ring
    Best of Breed entries await Judge Holloway's decision.
    BOB Podium Shot
    Best of Breed won by Fraser with Melissa Green! A smiling Stefanie Sherwood, KVC President, looks on.
    Fraser and the Loot
    Fraser checks out the loot while Judge Holloway signs the book! 

  • Dock Diving!
    Several of our members enjoyed a day at Westwind Kennels in Thomasville for some NADD-sanctioned dock diving on Sunday, June 28, 2015. Saturday's event was a rain-out, but the folks at Air Dogs were kind enough to let our members get some practice runs in on Sunday morning.

    Dock Diving Training
    Barb McLaughlin works with her dog on
    the ramp to get started.
    Dock Diving Splashdown
    Diane watches from the dock as Sunny D
    makes a splash!
    Dock Diving Gambit Leaps
    Look out, girls! Gambit shows how it is
    supposed to look!
    Dock Diving Gambit and Sue
    And it pays off! Sue Thomas shows off
    Gambit and his new NADD qualification.
    Thanks to Rob Schaeffer for the photos.

    If you missed out this time, KVC still has another day on the schedule for Saturday, Aug. 1. Check out www.northamericandivingdogs.com for information how you can earn an AKC title!

  • Fun Day 2015!

    Keystone Vizsla Club of PA's Fun Day 2015 was a big success and a whole lotta fun! The large turnout took advantage of great weather to swim, find some birds, and try their skill on an agility course-- and of course socialize and enjoy a terrific lunch. This club has some wonderful cooks! Thanks to all of you who brought such wonderful dishes to share.

    Bella in Bird Field
    Earl watches as Mike gives Bella tips.
    Vizslas at the Pond Fun Day
    The pond was a popular spot. 
    Vizslas Swimming
    The youngest kept up with the gang. 
    Vizslas Swimming
    Somebody get more sticks! 

    Much gratitude goes to Rob and Deb Schaeffer for all the work to prepare their lovely property for the invasion. Earl Stoddard and Mike Tanner provided the birds. Without their efforts to give our members' V's an opportunity to find some quail in the bird field, the day wouldn't have been as worthwhile. Marla Hansen helped get some dogs to enjoy some agility aparatus, while Stephanie Sherwood helped sharpen some handling skills for the show ring. Tom Little was running the grill full of burgers and hot dogs, while Lee Anne Hable was running the camera taking the shots we are sharing here. And lastly, thanks goes to Kelly Brosey for manning the sign-in table to welcome everyone who attended. There were nearly 50 folks and about 30 Vizslas who turned out to make the day a winner!

  • Keystone Vizsla Club Specialty!

    A very nice showing for KVC's Specialty held at York Fairgrounds in conjunction with the Delaware County Kennel Club Show on Saturday, March 14, 2015. 52 Vizslas entered, including 29 Class Dogs,16 Specials, 6 Veterans, and 1 Hunting Dog.

    Winning Best in Breed was Ellie, GCh Szilin Rhapsody Never Say Never,  owned by Michelle S. Porfido & Lena Kourtei & Carol Phelps.
    Best of Opposite Sex was Zeke, GCh Cameo's Closest to the Pin JH, owned by Phil Rosenbaum & Tara Kramer
    Best of Winners, and WB was Cortland, Wolfgang's Mahantango Star, owned by Doug Wolfgang
    Winners Dog was Wingsong Excalibur, owned by Norma Flint and handled by Corinne Miklos.
    GCh Select Dog was GCh Derby's Pink Tie Affair At Grouse Point JH- owners Corinne Miklos & Robin Bernstein
    GCh Select Bitch was Ch Brittania N Bayviews Ida One, owners Lori Salb & Lindsay Fetters & Britt Jung & Ida Kavafian.
    Award of Merit was given to Gambit, GCh Double Gun's A Royal Flush JH, owned by Susan Thomas & Jennifer Buttermore & John Buttermore.
    Award of Merit also given to Crew, GCh Berkcor's Wrecking Crew, owned by  Sue & Berkeley Thompson & Sue Bani.

    As part of the Specialty, there was also a Sweepstakes for Puppies and Veteran Dogs. Best Puppy in Sweeps was Cadie, Ch Sincerus Cicada, owned by Philip & Kelly Park. Best of Opposite Puppy was Royal, Sassafras Let them Eat Cake, owned by Melina, Richard & Emma Black. Best Veteran in Sweeps went to Keepir, GCh Sassafras Keep On Dream'n, owned by Richard & Melina Black & Emma Black.

    Congratulations to all who took home the wins and thank you to all the participants in this show.

    Auction Table Three
    all photos courstesy of
    Lynn Tobey
    Auction Table 1
    Some views of the auction items
    Auction Table Two 
    Awards and Rosettes  Award for BOB
    The Pewter Bowl awarded to
    Best of Breed in Specialty Show
    Award for BOS
    Lovely Oval Pewter Tray to
    Best of Opposite in Specialty
    Ring Shot 3 Veterans
    Veteran Sweeps with
    Judge Karen Iacobellis
    Ring Shot Four
    A view of the regular classes
    Ring shot Six
    Judge Brian Meyer looks
    at Berkeley's entry
    Ring Shot Seven
    Diane movin' out on her
    down and back
    Ring Shot Eight
    Berekely keeps her dogs
    interest in the ring.
    Ring Shot Nine
    With age comes wisdom
    and handsomeness!
  • Keystone Vizsla's Supported Entry at Back Mountain KC show - Nov. 2, 2014 - There was a good entry of 22 Vizslas showing in Bloomsburg on a breezy November afternoon. Entries provided a major win for bitches. The venue was very accommodating and our sincerest thanks to the host club for their support! Judge Sam Houston McDonald made his choices:

    Best of Breed
    Best of Breed
      - GCH. STARDUST'S DON'T STOP BELIEVIN',JH; owner/breeder: Jen Miller, (handled by Deanna Davis)
    Best of Winners / WB -  CAZAR'S CATALEYA BELLA; owner/breeder: Josephine Datis
    Best of Opposite - CH. STARFIRE'S MORE THAN A FEELING; owner/breeder:  Penny Carson
    Winners Dog - STARCASTLE'S RIDING INTO THE SUNSET; bred by C. & N. Rappaport; owned by Roy Steinmetz
    Select Dog – GCH. VENTURE'S LEGACY OF ALL THAT; owner/breeder: Keith Harmon & Thomas Little
    Select Bitch - GCH. CAMEO'S SECRET AGENT 'M',JH; bred by Yovonne Baggott Jones; owned by Stephanie Sherwood

  • KVC’s Supported Entry at the Penn Ridge KC show in Harrisburg -Aug. 9, 2014 - Thanks to everyone who entered and Congrats to those who earned ribbons and added points! Here are the results:

    Best of Breed - GCH. DERBY'S PINK TIE AFFAIR AT GROUSE POINT,JH; “Tux” (Corinne Miklos & Robin Bernstein);
    Best of Winners/ WB - VIZCAYA'S RHEINGOLD STARSHADOW AURELIA; “Elly” (Theresa Graham w/Nadine Todd);
    Best of Opposite - GCH. SZIZLIN RHAPSODY NEVER SAY NEVER “Elie” (Michelle Porfido& Lena Kourtei);
    Winners Dog – LEGACY'S AS TIME GOES BY; “Toby” (Chris White & Julie White & Diane Shearer)
    Select Dog – GCH. STARDUST'S DON'T STOP BELIEVIN',JH; “Nova” (Jen Miller w/Carol Davis);
    Select Bitch - GCH. CAPTIVATIN'S I'M THE ONE,JH; “Aggie” (Melissa & Jason Green).

    Appreciation to Judge Alberto Berrios and to the Penn Ridge Kennel Club.


  • The Application to the AKC has been approved! - We just heard on June 20, 2014 that the AKC has approved our application to hold AKC licensed championship point events! Wheels are rolling for our first specialty in March 2015 as part of the Celtic Classic in York.

  • Supported Entry at York's Celtic Classic 2014 - KVC once again supported the entry on Saturday of the Delaware Valley KC Club as part of the York Cluter, March 15, 2014. 57 Vizslas entered and Judge Eva E. Berg picked her top dogs which included:

    Best of Breed went to Ch. Kyllburgs Op1 I Got Satisfaction, owned by Karyn Merrill;
    Best of Opposite was GCh Szizlin Rhapsody Never Say Never, owned by Michelle Porfido & Lena Kourtel;
    Best of Winners choice was Britania Come On Home, Owners Kristie & Dae Kim & Britt Jung;
    Winners Dog was Cameo’s In Her Magesties Secret Service, owned by Kerstin Norton;
    Select Dog was Ch. Derby’s Pink Tie Affair at Grouse Point, owners Corinne Miklos & Robin Bernstein, and
    Select Bitch was GCh/CGC Marrick’s Let the Good Times Roll, owners Susan & Berkeley Thompson & Sue Bani.

    Congratulations to all of you and sincere appreciation to all who entered and supported the Keystone Vizsla Club!  Don't forget we're doing it again in August in Harrisburg and November in Bloomsburg.

  • Bird FlushWow! Fun Day in the Field! -  the 1st Field Education Fun Day at Weatherly on Nov. 17th, 2013 was a great success. Members had a tremendous opportunity to learn from judges and trainers on how to get started or how to refine handling in AKC hunt tests. Huge thanks to Russ Bigus for coordinating the other professionals and organizing the event.

    Click here for a PDF slide show! (participants who would like copies of their photos, please e-mail tom@venturevizslas.com)

  • Our 2nd AKC Sanctioned A-Match is in the books! November 2nd, 2013, Bloomsburg, PA. Huge thanks to the Back Mountain KC for allowing us to hold our required match in conjunction with their show. Judge Priscilla Gabosh was a pleasure and Corinne Miklos performed admirably as ring steward. Most of all, thank-you, thank-you to those members and friends who stayed Saturday afternoon to participate and enter their Vizslas in this important event.

    2ndMatch BOB Waiting to Start Match  Match Practice 
    Match in the Ring  Match in the Ring 2  Match Steward and Judge 

    Ultimately, Best of Breed was awarded to Marla Hansen and her girl, "Bella" (Willorunns's Leave it to Fate). Congratulations to all who entered.

  • KVC Particpates in "All About Dogs Days" near Lebanon, PA. 2013 - Supporting the Berks County K.C.'s family friendly event. Delegation headed up by our President, Diane Shearer who reports, "....my helpers today were Penny Carson, Marla Hansen, Barb McLaughlin and me!!  We had a great day and talked to lots of people and enjoyed the shade trees and the dogs made all kinds of new friends."  (Click on the photo to make it bigger)

    All About Dogs Day 1
    Penny, Barb, and Marla
    All About Dogs 2 All About Dogs 3
    All About Dog Days 4  All About Dog Days 6  All About Dog Days 7 

  • Keystone Vizsla Club of PA's 1st AKC Sanctioned A-Match! Saturday, April 13, 2013 in conjunction with the Harrisburg KC Show was a wonderful success! Thanks to all who helped, participated, and especially to our guest judge, Melissa Foehrkolb.

  • Best in Match Best of Opposite
    Best in Match: Cameo's Secret Agent "M"
    with Stephanie Sherwood and Judge Melissa Foehrkolb, while KVC President Diane Shearer looks on with the new coat.
    Best of Opposite: Legacy's As Time Goes By
    with Chris White and Judge Melissa Foehrkolb, while KVC President Diane Shearer looks on with the new coat.
  • A-Match 1 A Match 2 A Match 3
    A Match 4 A Match 5 A Match 6

  • The CVC/ODVC Hunt Tests - there was a terrific response to the Hunt Tests on Feb 23 & 24. There are several new Junior Hunters from the Keystone Vizsla Club ranks! Congratulations to all. And to those members who also came out to be "hands on": your volunteer efforts were appreciated muchly! It was a very successful weekend.

  • Vizsla Club of America - Not a member of the VCA? You should really consider joining. Link to their website is on the Resources page.

  •  December 2012 - AKC's Club Liaison has confirmed that the Keystone Vizsla Club of Pennsylvania has been accredited at the "B" Level. Hooray!  Next we must hold two more matches at the "A" level, six months apart, and then we can be considered for full-licensed club status.

  • September 2012 - KVC's second Fun Match held at Macungie. The club appreciates The Berks County KC and the AKC for providing the ring after Best in Show was completed. Thanks to Greg Gollick for Judging, and to all who hung around to show their dogs and help their club!
    The cooperation of the local kennel clubs, such as was offered in this event by the Berks County Kennel Club, is a very important boost as KVC strives to obtain full-licensed status from AKC.

    Carol with Vizsla in Ring
    Carol has her full attention!
    Helpers at the B Match
    Barb and Glenda are Steward & recorder
    Deanna wins at the Bmatch
    Deanna Davis wins puppy match
    with Starcastle's Chasing Rainbows
    BMatch Winners Dog
    The winner of best adult dog in match.