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About Keystone Vizsla Club

The Keystone Vizsla Club of Pennsylvania was conceived and originated in 2007. The club's mission is to nurture and support Vizsla owners and breeders in the Greater Central Pennsyvania area through a variety of activities in which the Versatile Vizsla is involved.

The club is a regional breed club of the American Kennel Club and currently licensed to hold specialty conformation events, hunt tests, and field trials. The club hopes to add agility trials in the near future.

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The Keystone Vizsla Club of Pennsylvania, as an AKC Regional Breed Club, is also sanctioned by  AKC's National Breed Club, The Vizsla Club of America (VCA).

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KVC's Constitution and By-Laws of our club may be displayed by clicking here: [By-Laws] 

Our membership year is January 1-December 31. 
Yearly dues are $25 for an Individual membership, or $30 for a Family membership. 

We welcome new members! 

New member applications require a referral from an existing member and are subject to approval. 

Request an application from:membership@keystonevizslaclub.org

Club Officers as of September 1, 2017

Diane Shearer ('19) President diane@keystonevizslaclub.org
Barbara McLaughlin ('18) Vice President viceprez@keystonevizslaclub.org
Marla Hansen ('19) Secretary secretary@keystonevizslaclub.org
Tara Ross  ('18) Treasurer treasurer@keystonevizslaclub.org
Stephanie Sherwood ('19) Director stephanie@keystonevizslaclub.org
Earl Stoddard  ('19) Director earl@keystonevizslaclub.org
Laurie Fairchild  ('18) Director laurie@keystonevizslaclub.org


Keith Harmon Membership Chair membership@keystonevizslaclub.org
Diane Shearer Conformation Show Chair diane@keystonevizslaclub.org
Laurie Fairchild Field Trial Events laurie@keystonevizslaclub.org
Earl Stoddard Hunt Test Events earl@keystonevizslaclub.org
Marla Hansen Agility Events secretary@keystonevizslaclub.org
 (vacant)  Newsletter Editor  
Tom Little Webmaster/ E-mail Coord. webmaster@keystonevizslaclub.org